FinTech and Crypto Innovation Group

Developing Future

Migodi Mining

MIGODI MINING is a Germany based crypto-technology group with crypto currency mining focus. We are industrial market leader in the European Union with successful mining references.

Our aim is not only to provide technical mining solutions for crypto currencies. We connect our strong crypto market expertise with the development of new market-standards and solutions for European companies and investors entering the crypto market.

FinTech and Crypto Innovation Group

We are a management venture of leading and experienced business people with crypto, technology, digital, finance and VC background. We created a group with different crypto business tools and offer to benefit longtime from crypto currency markets.

We define ourself as FinTech and Crypto Innovation Group with mining focus. With strong technology expertise and successful references we are market leader in the European Union. Our company is based in Lübeck and Berlin (Germany).

FinTech and Crypto Innovation Group

We build crypto mining farms with commercial venture and investment partner. We provide an intelligent investment structure next to strongest technical and operative performance.

Mining is an ongoing cryptotech management process to reach high ROI. We select locations, hardware and other KPI with expertise. Learn more how mining works and what cryptotech offers you as investor.